In the spring of 2013, Mike Moldenhauer and Matt Manske sat around a table, enjoying a beverage with friends following a round of golf.  This was not unusual for the former division I golfer; however, this conversation gave birth to an idea that in one year’s time has come full circle.  The idea: develop a state of the art practice facility that would cater to all skill levels and ages in a relaxed yet professional environment.  The result of that simple conversation; The 10 Iron.

The 10 Iron in Fairwater, eight miles south of Ripon, provides golfers with a year-round, indoor and outdoor practice facility offering cutting edge technology in a sleek and clean environment.  Surrounded by the natural aesthetic of the Wisconsin countryside, The 10 Iron cures the summer and winter golf itch with two indoor simulators from TruGolf, featuring 86 of the world’s best courses on their proprietary E6 golf software.  In addition, the TruGolf simulators offer full swing read outs including angle of attack, ball and swing speeds, spin rates, distance, and launch angles to take your game to the next level.  Once the full swing is fine tuned, you can keep the short games sharp by spending time on the adequately sized indoor putting and chipping green.  When you work up a sweat, enjoy a cold beverage on the leather couches and chairs flanked by the two flat screen televisions available for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re looking to work on your game with the feel and comfort of your own backyard but want to do so with the advanced technology and wisdom of the The 10 Iron staff then come check us out.  Stay up to date with The 10 Iron on facebook, twitter, and google plus, to bear witness of our progress as we continue to strive towards re-defining the golf experience.