Green Bay Indoor Golf Leagues

Winter Leagues

League Rules

  • League will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week.
  • 2 man – handicapped league
  • League is $22 per player, per week. $20 for seniors, military personnel.
  • One-time league fee of $30 applies. Pays for food night, and prizes.
  • Tee times will be automatically reserved for league play. Players can choose to start at 4pm, 6pm, or 8pm on league nights. Each block will allow for 2 hours of play. 
  • Subs allowed (must provide initial handicap).
  • There will be no makeup golf; Teams can always play ahead, but if a week is missed, the team will forfeit cash prize eligibility for the league session.
  • Simulator settings are predetermined for the 4 weeks.
  • Example: Player A and Player B are on a team. Player A is a 5 handicap and Player B is a 10 handicap. Player A shoots a 41, his handicap is subtracted from the total score, 41 – 5 = 36.  Player B shoots a 50, his handicap is subtracted from the total score, 50-10 = 40.  The score for team A/B is 36+40=76.
  • Scoring: Each week, each team competes against all other teams in the league. 
    Example: If there are 10 teams in the league, the lowest net team total (70) will receive 10 points, the second lowest team net (73) receives points, third lowest (76), 8 points, etc.

Sign-up for our next indoor golf league for a little friendly competition and fun. It’s the perfect way to hang out with your friends, meet new ones and compete for prizes & bragging rights. Winter league starts soon!

Winter League Session Two starts February 1.  This will be a eight week league ending on March 24th.  Registration is open now!

  • 9 holes per week
  • 2 Person Teams (Men, Women, 16 and up)
  • $22/week/player
  • Handicapped – adjusted each week, 18 max *TO START*
  • $40 League fee ($20 to prize pool)
  • If you join any of our Winter Golf Leagues, you are invited to our Private League Member Party where we offer free golf, food, and beer as well as have contests, giveaways, and raffles!

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